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My Cobra II
Tech Support

The worst think about having an older, classic car is trying to find parts and information about your car. A car that you think is the greatest in the world but to the dealerships, aftermarket suppliers, and especially in the case of the 74-78 Mustang II and Cobra II even the world seems to have been forgotten. Here is the place for links to parts ,info and the knowledge of the wise.


Graphics Express

Graphics Express Has decals and graphics supplies including kits and single pieces for the Cobra II and all the Mustang  II's. They have what you need but are expensive
Phil's Mustang II Specialty Shop    


Phil Schmidt is the owner of Mustang II Specialty Shop and has all the parts and info you need for repairing, restoration or just good info about your II . Whenever I needed something Phil has it or knows about it
Recall Data

This page has info on recalls and Bulletins for 1977 Ford Mustang II V8-302 5.0L VIN F 2-bbl
Summit Racing

Summit Racing is a mail order house for engine suspension and high performance parts
Mustang II org/Mustang II magazine

The first place to look for Mustang II info on the web!!
Franks Mustang II

Franks Mustang II links Great links for Mustang II A/C info and questions plus parts

Once you go there do a search for Mustang II or Cobra II in Ebay motors and you will find alot of parts
Classic Tube


Classic Tube a great place for getting replacement break lines or steering lines in steer or stainless. they can and will custom bend  on request


they have all the graphics for the Cobra II including the snakes. I have them scanned into their system from my car and they are under $100 for the set.
Mustang II .net

A great resource for your car