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My Cobra II
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My Cobra II
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Hello and Welcome !! 

Well everyone's got a page to show off their Baby.  All the hard work that they have done to get it where it is today and their dreams of where they want it to be is something that we all have to scream, shout and brag about and here is mine.

This is the latest pic i have of my car.  In the background is a P-38  named white lightning . its was on of only 5 of these old planed still flying. Sadley it crashed on its way back to TX shortl.y after this picture was taken.

This is my 1977 Cobra II still in progress. I'm the third owner; my ex was the original owner and sold  it back in 85 to a relative.  It has some damage history but was professionally repaired and is very hard to tell .  I bought it back years later from the second owner where it had been sitting for over a year or two and had rust on the bottom of the door skins and the fenders in front of the doors. With 87,000 miles it didn't run and needed a new camshaft, brakes, and radiator plus a paint job. Even after replacing the camshaft, tune-up, and replacing all the filters there was a problem plaguing me in which it would only run for short and sporadic periods without stalling. The problem took a long time till someone suggested that the fuel filter in the carb  ( which I had replaced 3 timed and rebuilt the carb twice) be replaced with the clear see through filter . Suddenly the care stopped stalling and ran for another 30,000 miles before needing an overhaul last march and with a fresh short block I should get another 120k out of it.

cobra2.jpg (21641 bytes) cobra2nite.jpg (35963 bytes)

Some older pic of my carshortley after getting it back on the road after sitting for several years.


This page has two parts pictures and history/experiences of this car so hope you enjoy this part and let me know what you think.


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