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parts list
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This is the parts list for swapping an AOD tranny into a V8 mustang II or Cobra II

The best way to do this swap is to find a 1987 or newer car that runs to get the engine and tranny from and swap them both out. That way you get a 200 HP EFI (fuel injected) motor with a roller cam and the tranny is already bolted up and ready to go in.  Doing it this way would involve either swapping to fuel injection  or changing the EFI over to a carb setup. This link has a great tech articles for that.  Otherwise the following list is what you will need for this swap.


You will need the following:

A 1987-1992 AOD transmission w/ torque converter: a truck or mustang make good donor's but check the overall lengthof the transmission.  Lincolns and some other cars have AOD's that are 1 3/4 " longer and would require trimming the driveshaft. Something I STRONGLY RECOMMEND  is replacing the front and real transmission seals and the rear tranny bushing to insure against leaks.   Its stupid to go this far and have a leak.  Also closely inspect the driveshaft yoke for wear and scoring. if you find a small amount of wear you can get something called a repair sleeve or speedy sleeve at Autozone  that fits over the yoke and will fix the problem. for more info on AOD's checkout the following link.                                  

Torque converter : a new converter is best and can be had for about $70 from Dacco converters in TN  931-469-7544

Engine block plate: this is the sheetmetal that goes between the flywheel and the block. There is a large piece and a smaller piece that covers the bottom of the bellhousing

Flywheel: you need a AOD flywheel. Tthis flywheel is balanced for a newer roller block engine at 50 oz. if you are planning this swap with a 79 or older engine that uses the 28 oz. balance you will have to either have it send off to be rebalanced or buy a 28 oz  flywheel from Art Carr Distributors. (an extra $150) 

AOD TV cable: this is actually a kickdown cable. It's called a TV (throttle valve) cable cuz it takes the place of the vacuum  line that used to run from the engine to the C4. This is what makes the AOD shift and is very important. The best one out there is made by LOKAR and you can get it from Summit or Jegs for about $60

Flexible trans dipstick tube: Again made by LOKAR .  This is a nice piece and also dresses up the engine bay. it isn't absolutely necessary but it makes your life alot easier. ($60)

Transmission cooler lines: you will need to bend new tranny lines to the radiator these are 5/16 steel lines you can buy at AutoZone. You can also cheat and use the old lines by cutting them off at the transmission end and mating them with new line's and fitting's required for the AOD using a 5/16 compression fitting. This way it will save alot of bending since the old lines match except where they meet the tranny.

Transmission crossmember mounts: these are just a piece of round or square steel about 5" with a 1/2 hole for the bolts to go through. they will have to be made and welded below the original holes. They move the mounting holes down about 1" lower then the original holes.

Sanity restorer: this can be had at any Quickiemart, Wal-Mart or supermarket and is also know as beer, wine coolers, and party supplies. Another use for this item is bribing friends and guys at the local welding and tranny shop to help you.