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Window Adjustment

This section if for body and paint tips, specs, diagrams and anything related to body and paint questions and information.


Someone asked about how the stripes on he cobra's were laid out if you were going to paint them . It's a good question and here is the official dimensions courtesy of Phil at  

                             stripe diagram.jpg (9941 bytes)                                   |1/4"|3/8"|              9 3/8"        | 1"   |          9 3/8"           |3/8"|1/4"|                                     

The center white stripe is 1" wide so that means its 1/2" from the centerline. The easiest way to lay this out is run a roll of 1" tape down the centerline and then measure 9 3/8" over and either use 3/8" tape or you can use 1/2" tape (the extra 1/8" wont be too noticeable) for the next mask. . Measure over another 1/4" and mask off the rest of the car to protect it from paint.

If you are not in the mood for painting and need those side stripes and the cobras.... again Phil Schmidt  has you covered if you want a kit or if you just need  pieces Graphics Express is a best bet!!!

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